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John Yates

Chief Executive Officer

John Yates has 35 years’ experience in the commercial satellite communications sector. After having completed a BSc(Hons) in Electrical Engineering and Electronics at the University of Nottingham and a post-graduate Diploma in Business Administration at Manchester Business School, in 1986 he joined Europe’s first commercial satellite operator, the recently incorporated SES Astra, in Luxembourg and has been working in the commercial satellite communications sector ever since.

Since 1998 he has worked as a freelance consultant and, more recently, as a Board Director and angel investor providing expert advice for companies, organisations and governments worldwide in the commercial satellite telecommunications sector.

John co-founded Atheras Analytics with Dr. Spiros Ventouras in 2020.


Dr. Charilaos Kourogiorgas

Chief Technical Officer

Charilaos Kourogiorgas has a PhD on channel modelling for satellite and wireless terrestrial communication systems for which he received an award for outstanding research, following which he was awarded a Marie Curie fellowship in which he studied the applications of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in the operation of next generation high frequency satellite communications.

He has been working for over 10 years on research and development in satellite communication systems and has applied different AI and ML techniques for channel prediction, ACM optimisation and resource allocation for flexible payloads and the use of neural nets in transceivers for real-time modulation and coding of digital information.

He has published more than 100 journal and conference papers on wireless communications topics.