User terminals cannot benefit from the application of diversity arrangement in the same manner as network gateways.  However, the capability to predict telecommunications outages for operators of Ka-band user-terminals/field networks employed in mission-critical applications, such as defence and security, can be of significant operational benefit to users.

In order to address this need Atheras Analytics is developing the User Terminal Outage Prediction Application (UTOPiA) which takes into account the specific requirements of fixed, portable and transportable Ka-band VSAT terminals used for mission-critical, secure communications.  A key element of this development will therefore be the definition of user-specific requirements based on consultation with end-users.  Further work will include the validation of the regional/global weather forecasts for Ka-band VSAT use and the development of a robust, secure and user-friendly application that can be deployed on multiple secure platforms including a secure cloud or customer server.  If you are interested in UTOPiA and would like to provide specific user requirements or participate in our beta testing programme please get in touch with us.